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Victoria Bowmen News April 2012

Hello All, here is the latest news to our Board Meeting April 17th.

Thank you to all those who came out and raked and worked on the new range, the raking, seeding, rolling and fertilizing is now done, the rest is up to Mother Nature!

There is still much more to do,  our next task is to do an inventory of all the stuff in the containers, so if you could come out on April 28th at 10AM refreshments and snacks will be served.

Toilets are now available inside the Container compound, which  has the same combination as the gate, please ensure that the toilet and gates are locked before you leave.

You'll also notice a new 'swing' gate as you enter the range, once we have contacted all our partners, we'll remove the posts and you will access the range through this new gate with the same combination.


  • One of our biggest expenses during the year is for targets, they are expensive. So, please when you are practicing, use a used target, we have lots. This applies to indoors and outdoors. If you need a new target (nothing else available or you're shooting a score for mailmatch etc) by all means use a new one.

Archery Teaching Assistant Required

  • Helena, who teaches our indoor afternoon lessons needs a helper to assist in set up/take down and teach with her. This is a paid position. For information and to volunteer, please contact Helena directly at 592-0673.

2012 Indoor Shooting Ends
April 26th is our last indoor night and caps off the most successful VB indoor season in many years!

Bow International 70M Tournament:

  • We will be participating in this tournament for 2012, those that want to compete can shoot this event during Sunday shooting times, information is on the website.

Outdoor Lessons:

  • Our lessons move to Tuesday nights at the outdoor range on May 6th for the remainder of the outdoor season. This is the priority for the range that night, so if you are there when they start, please move well way or come back later.

Job Jar

  • We are introducing a new feature to the website, a 'job jar', so if you have some time to donate to the club, please check out the job jar and volunteer to get one of those jobs done either once or a permanent basis. Click on link above to view

JOP Coordinator

  • We are most interested in resurrecting our Junior Olympic Program, a program that we ran in the past, that provided archery competition to many generations of Victoria's youth. While we need one coordinator to run the program, many volunteers would be needed to assist, the program normally runs outdoors on Saturdays and maybe during a weeknight. Indoors within normal shooting times. Information on the Program can be found on the BCAA website.

2012 Canadian Championships

  • Plans are well underway for the upcoming event, please check out our website for all the details on the event. Volunteers are still needed, so if you are available, please contact Al.
  • Sponsors - we are still in need of sponsorship support, so if you know of anyone that can sponsor us in kind or with donations or an add in the program, please contact Al. We have produced a brochure for prospective sponsors, it is available in print or electronically, just drop a note and we can arrange for copies.

Island Savings Family Sport and Recreation Festival 2012

  • This event is being held at the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE) 4371 Interurban Road (Camosun College) on May 5, 10AM - 4PM. It would be nice to have a booth there, however, we need volunteers to man it. It will be outdoors so we can probably have an on going shooting display in addition to a static display of our bows and pictures. If you are willing to coordinate and or participate, please, you guessed it, contact Al!! This project has a very short timeline as we should register very soon!

Please keep an eye on our website, latest happenings are recorded there first.